Visions of History

The Group are delighted to announce publication of Historical Writing in Britain 1688-1830: Visions of History (Palgrave, 2014), co-edited by Ben Dew and Fiona Price. The collection is concerned with developments in historical discourse during the long eighteenth century, investigating the contested and unstable nature of generic boudaries; history's contribution to changing notions of national identity; and the ways that history operated as a site for the articulation of new forms of community. The book has its origins in a meeting held at Chawton House in 2009 between a group of researchers from the south of England with an interest in literary historiography and resulted in a conference, 'Historical Fictions and Fictions of History, 1680-1830' in June 2010, supported both by SCERRG and by the Centre for Literary Studies at the University of Portsmouth.

The Lady's Magazine, 1770-1818: Understanding the Emergence of a Genre

Have a look at the exiting Lady Magazine blog hosted by the University of Kent.

Locating within the Lady’s Magazine material on fashion, Christmas, or any other topic, will become very easy in early 2015, when they launch their annotated index.

The Big Blake Project

William Blake: Poet, Painter, Printer & Prophet. A revered English radical and genius of the imagination. A massive £107,000 raised so far to save his cottage in Sussex; where Blake saw Angels and wrote Jerusalem. Join the Big Blake Project and help the Blake Society turn it into a Radical Centre of the Imagination held in Trust for the nation.

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